Behind the scenes with The Denver Post’s Amy Brothers

Everyone has to eat. Sometimes it’s just about getting calories into your body. At other times, eating food is a social activity. I picture nights with friends full of laughter, wine, cheese boards and twinkling lights strung across a patio. Food is often familiar and comforting, like a steaming bowl of Mom’s homemade chicken soup when you have a cold. Our food traditions build upon our collective histories on holidays with latkes or tamales or Christmas cookies.

What we eat and how that food is produced has ripple effects on the physical landscapes where we live. Then there’s the economic reality of selling and buying food. All of these things — the stories we tell about ourselves, how we gather and connect with each other, the joy of taste, how we participate in our communities — are right there on our plates.

After researching forward-thinkers in the local food industry, I spent a few days with a farmer, a cheesemaker, a chef and a butcher. Over the last few months, I’ve been piecing their stories together with footage of the products they create — and the beautiful corners of Colorado where they work and farm the land. It was just me and my cameras learning how these visionaries see the world, exploring their favorite things to eat and being welcomed by their hospitality. I found some pretty tasty stories and hope you enjoy their company as much as I did. Watch the full series here.

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