Beta Nightclub in Denver to reopen summer 2019, just months after closing

Denver’s internationally renowned Beta Nightclub, which shuttered at the beginning of the year, is set to reopen this summer — with an outdoor swimming pool in tow.

That’s according to published reports over the past couple weeks that have revealed owner and founder Brad Roulier has proposed building a fenced, inground pool on the club’s outdoor patio at the corner of 19th and Blake streets in Lower Downtown. The information was first reported by the Denver Business Journal.

Roulier tried to sell the club after closing it earlier this year but was unsuccessful, leading him to renovate and reopen, reporter Andrew Dodson wrote. Denver property records show that the building’s ownership rests with Boulder-based Colman Kahn.

A Lower Downtown Design Review Board initially recommended approving the pool — a trend familiar to Las Vegas visitors — because it would be installed on a lower patio and would not block existing views of the historically contributing building, according to a staff memo obtained by the Business Journal.

Calls and emails to Beta officials were not returned as of early afternoon Friday.

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The timeline for “Beta 2.0,” as Beta’s founders are calling it in an article, is late spring or early summer. Partners Roulier and Mike McCray told they’re renovating the club at 1909 Blake St. with multiple, elaborate LED screens and lighting rigs, a new sound system and more.

Justin Martinez of Colorado-based Werker Studio will take care of the furniture and interior design of the new space, with plans for the DJ booth to move out of the upstairs lounge area. The outdoor patio will act as a second room in its place.

“We’ll almost have two different businesses,” Roulier told “We’ll have the daytime pool party staff and then the club. We had 107 employees before and now we’ll be open twice the hours, so we’ll probably be excess of 150-160 employees. We’re figuring out how the daytime pool party staff interacts with the evening staff and how we bridge those times.”

That’s crucial because the pool idea reportedly rankled Beta’s bread-and-butter dance-music fans by taking the focus off of the music and their hallowed temple of beats.

However, Roulier and McCray have renewed their lease for another 14 years, despite only shutting down the club in January after its 11-year run.

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