Colt & Gray to close after 10 years on Denver’s Platte Street

A decade-long run for a trendsetting restaurant is no small feat in Denver’s dining scene. And by the time Colt & Gray — together with its sister concepts Ste. Ellie and Viande — closes on Platte Street later this month, it will have lasted nearly 10 1/2 years in business.

The restaurant, underground speakeasy and butcher will close at 1553 Platte St. after dinner service on Saturday, Dec. 21.

“It is with great sadness and consternation that I inform you that Colt & Gray, Ste. Ellie and Viande will be closing on December 21, 2019, with our 11th annual Drink the Bar Dry celebration,” owner and chef Nelson Perkins wrote on the restaurant’s social media pages Wednesday night.

On Thursday, he told The Denver Post that his business problems began about a year ago.

“It really started with our lease negotiations,” he said. “Our prices basically doubled … I took on some painful situations and financial burden to make sure we stayed open through the end of the year.”

While restaurant owners often point to failed lease negotiations leading to their closure, Perkins, who previously worked in finance, says he understands both sides of the equation.

“I don’t expect landlords or vendors to lower their prices,” he said. “It’s just becoming difficult for restaurants, not to open, but to survive and to really thrive (in Denver).”