Everything is negotiable in this asparagus salad – The Denver Post

By Melissa Clark, The New York Times

Judging by the pinking of my neighborhood in cherry and magnolia blossoms, COVID-19 can’t stop spring. And this means vegetables like ramps, green garlic and asparagus have been making their way into the markets, bringing a needed relief from those wintry pantry staples we’ve all been relying on. I may have to wait on a snaking line 6 feet away from the person ahead of me to get some, but it will be thrilling when I do.

Of all the spring produce, asparagus is what I’m most excited about, with verdant, fried egg-topped, Hollandaise-slathered visions crowding my head. On the lighter side, there will also be plenty of plump, steamed stalks drizzled with olive oil and eaten out of hand. Sometimes, I’ll get fancy and toss the spears with herbs, cheese and nuts for a slightly more elaborate salad.

In a perfect, “I can just run to the store for an ingredient” world, I would dress my salad with a lemony shallot vinaigrette, grated young manchego or pecorino, and top it with toasted pistachios.