Grabowski’s Pizzeria will replace Comida at The Source in Denver

Remains to be seen whether a thin, Chicago-style crust will incite the pizza-eating masses quite like a famous deep dish pie’s arrival in Denver did last year.

But even without a dedicated (read: cult) following, Grabowski’s pizzeria is set to open sometime in July at The Source. It’s planned for the space previously occupied by Comida, which closed on April 30.

While Giordano’s and other Chicago pizzerias are known far and wide for their souffle-like pies, Grabowski’s will have none of that. Instead, it’s bringing back “1950s tavern-style” pizzas, according to a news release. What does that mean? Rectangular slices and a crunch not unlike Domino’s thin crust.

Toppings will be simple — “no fruit, no truffles, no seafood!” co-owner Jared Leonard said. Beer will be served in pitchers, and arcade games will fill a mezzanine level at the restaurant. Customers can also order their pizza via walk-up window (open late nights) or with delivery service.