How to make beef short ribs with olives – The Denver Post

Praise the braise, the method of cooking foods in a wet environment (versus the dry place that an oven is).

If submerged in liquid, we generally call a braise a “stew.” Braising liquid may be as bland as water or as flavorful as broth, wine, beer, some juices — or a blend of any of these. With meats, the main plus of a braise is the chance to use less costly cuts, high in difficult-to-chew connective tissues when raw or slightly cooked. The braise breaks these down into a gelatin-rich, luxurious backdrop to all the flavorings of the finished dish.

The recipe here uses beef short ribs with the bones in. So-called boneless short ribs are usually merely trimmed chunks of chuck meat, and come from up near the animal’s shoulder. You may use them in this (and a slew of stew recipes) but try to go for bone-in short ribs.