Local sports network DNVR is opening a bar in the former Colfax Sports & Brew

The local sports network DNVR is taking over the site of a longtime East Colfax watering hole this week.

Starting Friday, the former Colfax Sports & Brew (before that, Three Lions pub) will operate under the name DNVR. The transformed space will house a bar, podcast recording studio and retail store, DNVR Locker, selling branded merchandise.

Owner Brandon Spano told Westword that DNVR Bar will be somewhat akin to ESPN Zone, which closed on the 16th Street mall in 2009.

DNVR’s model will combine community, culture and content under one roof, Spano said.

The whole idea started with a question, according to DNVR’s website: “What if the DNVR community had a physical home?”

And then more questions: “What if a member of the DNVR family could come in for lunch and hear a podcast live — and get a discount just for being a member? What if watch parties went directly into post-game shows that our members could see and participate in live?”

The local sports network is now partnering with local Little Pub Company, which also operated the location’s two previous bars.

Breckenridge beers will figure prominently on the menu, members will have access to discounts and special events, and when drinkers aren’t watching games, they can listen to live podcast recordings downstairs or watch the action through a glass-walled studio on the second floor.

2239 E. Colfax Ave., grand opening Friday starting at 5 p.m., with the Nuggets and Avs games on TV, and more information at thednvr.com

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