Making Hawaii’s raw fish salad at home is easy and delicious

Raw fish doesn’t faze us anymore. We eat sushi — lots of it. We’ve really gotten to like ceviche, and even make it at home.

But we’ve yet to fall for poke (POH-kay), Hawaii’s raw fish salad, which is certainly easier than sushi to cobble together, and less fussy than ceviche.

Now’s a perfect time to do-it-yourself poke. A pandemic keeps us from dining out, by and large, but the sea fish don’t know that and they’re still hopping non-stops to DIA and getting here as fresh as ever.

The simplest poke is just large cubes of raw tuna, sesame seed oil, soy sauce, sliced scallion and sesame seeds. It’s a yin and yang of crunch and slither, salt and umami.

Served over rice and greens (as everyday as sliced lettuce), poke is a fancy yet simple whole meal.