No-roll pie crusts for simple summer desserts – The Denver Post

By Dawn Perry, The New York Times

The allure of a homemade fruit pie is real: Just imagine a bubbling double-crusted blueberry number cooling by a breezy window. But the prospect of rolling dough on a steamy day can send even confident cooks packing. To turn out stellar pies showcasing summer’s ripest fruit — without heating up the kitchen — you want the ease of crumb crusts and chilled fillings.

Just about anything you can crush into crumbs, you can use for a no-roll crust. Graham crackers are an obvious choice, but other crumbly cookies, salty crackers and even not-too-sugary cereals can build a tender, cookielike foundation strong enough to hold rich, creamy fillings. You can mix and match crusts and fillings with no limit but your imagination.