Quiznos’ “magic mushroom melt” looks disgusting

The original Quiznos restaurant in Denver is making something nobody asked for this weekend: a “psychedelic magic mushroom melt,” ostensibly in honor of psilocybin’s decriminalization across the Mile High City.

But the sub doesn’t contain magic mushrooms, and “the only truly mind-bending elements are its fabulous flavor and artistic design,” according to the brand’s Facebook post.

“The Magic Mushroom Melt sandwich contains sautéed white button mushrooms which are not medicinal,” a Quiznos representative clarified on the thread.

In a photo rendering of the thing on Facebook, it looks as if Quiznos has painted its sandwich bread with food coloring. That, or else it’s sprouting mold.

So there’s the psychedelic part?

If you must, make the trip to 1275 Grant St. on Saturday, only while supplies last.

Updated June 20 at 9:25 a.m.The following corrected information has been added to this article: Because of a reporter’s error, the decriminalization of psilocybin was mischaracterized. It is only decriminalized in Denver.