Shrimp, grits and Tabasco – The Denver Post

I’ve tried them all, those bottled incendiaries. I’ve slathered ribs with Satan’s Blood, marinated chicken wings in Marie Sharp’s Habanero, dotted my roast vegetables with Mike’s Hot Honey and dipped chips in Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner.

But I always return to Tabasco Pepper Sauce. To me, it’s best because its heat is clean. Just a neat sear. The Tabasco people don’t pump it full of puréed mango, say, or too many habaneros. It doesn’t sport an infernal name.

Above all, I find it more versatile than other hot sauces.

Here are my 10 excellent adventures with Tabasco Pepper Sauce.

10. The ultimate Tabasco no-brainer: on scrambled eggs or an omelet.

9. All over pizza.

8. All over French fries.

7. Three drops in a can of regular Coke. (Try it.)

6. Of a dozen oysters, six with two drops each. (This has been tried even in France. Even in Seattle.)

5. Does not miss with things Cajun.