Snarf’s Sandwiches brings Snarfburger to Denver

All Shake Shack and In-N-Out disputes aside, a local burger king — but not Burger King, folks, keep up — is about to open its first two locations in Denver.

Boulder-based Snarfburger will bring the beef patties, fried bologna sandwiches and “frings” (a mixed bag of fries and onion rings) first to Federal Boulevard and then to Capitol Hill, starting this summer.

Both Denver Snarfburger locations are opening next door to Snarf’s sandwich stores. Snarf’s on Federal Boulevard is the latest of that chain and the 16th in the state. It opens on Monday, May 6.

But the burger brand is what we’re here to discuss. It’s a retro joint with single and double patty options, or else hot dogs or pork chops sandwiched between two buns.