The owner of Rosenberg’s Bagels will open an ice cream shop in Five Points

The New York invasion of Denver started slowly. First came the Jewish bagels, then the foldable pizza slices, followed by face-sized hoagies. Now the latest of these nostalgic interlopers will be an East Coast ice cream bar and soda fountain serving real phosphates.

Restaurateur Josh Pollack — owner of Rosenberg’s Bagels, Famous Original J’s Pizza and Lou’s Italian Specialties in Denver — hopes to open his real soda and ice cream shop in Five Points around the end of February.

The name is still being tweaked, but the last of Pollack’s businesses is named for Lou, his late grandfather, so this new one will be named for Sherry, Pollack’s late grandmother. Her namesake store will take over the Welton Street space previously occupied by The Rolling Pin Bakeshop, which closed in November.

“(The soda fountain) really ties into our brand of ‘New York-ing’ Denver, playing on the nostalgia and traditions of New York food,” Pollack told The Denver Post.