This classic barbecue chicken recipe will complete your summer – The Denver Post

My parents just sold our family house of 31 years. One of my earliest memories there — food-related memories, anyway — is of my dad making barbecue chicken on his old Weber kettle grill on our driveway while my brothers and I played in the backyard. Even now, I can practically smell it. It was nothing fancy. Store-bought sauce, maybe a little blacker in places than we would want, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The house and grill are now gone, but there’s a new house and a not-quite-as-new gas grill (Dad gave up charcoal long ago) to usher in new memories. So, when it came time for me to test a barbecue chicken recipe, the roles were reversed, to the satisfaction of both generations. I got to grill for my parents, with a bit of assistance from Dad, while Mom watched my son.

I didn’t want to stray from the simple sauce-and-chicken formula. Classic Barbecue Chicken, an archive recipe from former Washington Post columnist Jim Shahin, sounded exactly like what I needed. The upgrades: An easy-to-assemble, from-scratch sauce and an indirect cooking strategy that keeps the skin from getting too dark and the meat too dry.