This is not an article about lemony salmon – The Denver Post

By Alison Roman, The New York Times

Every so often, someone writes an article or blog post or tweet about how they wish people who wrote recipes would just “shut up and publish the recipe.” They don’t want to hear about how chickpeas were your childhood dog’s favorite food, or how a particular pasta dish in a small town outside Rome led to a brief but fiery love affair. They want the facts. They want the ingredients and the amounts and the instructions, and that’s it!

I am not going to write a counterpoint, though maybe, one day, I will. (I’m sure you can guess my feelings on the subject.) Today, I will be giving those people what they want. A salmon recipe! A very good salmon recipe, at that. No story, no romantic segue into how this dish came to be — just salmon that you can make for dinner, tonight.

Sure, I could tell a story about how this Very Good Salmon, smothered in a tangy dressing made from whole lemons, diced shallot and just the correct amount of fresh oregano, reminds me of a trip to Greece I once took. But I am an honest woman and I have never been to Greece, so consider yourself spared.