With these teriyaki-style chicken skewers, meat-on-a-stick never tasted better – The Denver Post

The kitchen in my new apartment has a bias against large gadgets that promise to solve all my problems. Does an Instant Pot sound cool? Sure. Would I love to display a glistening white KitchenAid stand mixer on my counter? No doubt. But in the absence of ample space (and means), a tried and true home-cooking MVP emerges from the shadows of my utensil drawer: skewers.

A skewer binds an otherwise listless plate of meat chunks and vegetables into an entree worth serving to your boss or in-laws, making it a respectable crutch on those weeknights when we can hardly muster the willpower to impress even ourselves. The striking presentation of skewered meat — be it a kebab, yakitori, satay, heck, even a corn dog — artfully masks the little effort required of the home cook, and for that, I am grateful.